Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dog Health Food - Do You Know What Really Goes Into Your Dachshund's Food?

Dog Health Food – Is Your Dachshund Being Accidentally Poisoned?

Dog health food could add years to the life of your
Dachshund. By making sure that your dog is not eating toxic
additives they'll have more energy and vitality.

With companies around the world looking for ways to
increase their profits, you have to question if they are
going to justify the expense of high quality ingredients.
With many sources of cheap protein available now, who knows
how it was produced, under what conditions and if it even
has any real nutritional value for your dog?

With so many cases of profits being put before the health
of humans, what is being done to our beloved dogs? By
taking waste products from human food production and
putting them in to dog food, there has been a huge increase
in diet related health problems in recent years.

In 2007 over 100 different brands of dog food were recalled
after contaminated ingredients caused the deaths of a
number of dogs and made many more very ill. Eventually it
was found to be melamine in rice protein and wheat gluten,
from a factory in China. This means that there could be
anything in your dog food no matter what the standards are
in the US factory. Also there is very little nourishment in
these grains for dogs. Usually it's just a filler to add
bulk to the food.

Recently there was a case of melamine being found in milk
powder that had been produced under the much stricter human
food production standards. This leads me to think that it's
only a matter of time before there's another contaminated
batch of dog food released, and I certainly don't want to
have my puppy suffer as a result of not taking action. We
now need to be aware of how safe the food we are feeding to
our dog is, not just if it has the right nutrition in it.

Now we have to have a look at the actual nutritional value
of your dog food. More and more it's becoming accepted
practice to bulk out dog food with rice and corn proteins.
These proteins are an unusable by product of the human food
industry, until someone realised that they would fall under
the definition of protein and could therefore be added to
dog food. While plant proteins are fine, there just isn't a
lot of nutrition for a dog. Even if they were whole
proteins rather than the highly processed ones that are
added, a very small amount would be sufficient for a dogs
diet. However, there is all to often more plant protein
than animal. This isn't going to help your Dachshund stay
healthy and free of disease.

Lately fish protein is being hailed as a great source of
protein, which is true. However, along with that protein
comes a toxic preservative that has been linked to severe
allergies and cancer. So be wary of fish meal in your dog

This is just the start of what could be going into the food
that your Dachshund is eating every day. By learning about
dog health food you could add years of life to your best
friend. If you make it yourself you will know exactly what
is in your dog's food, and best of all it's great fun.

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